"TWO" is a collection of 10 concert pieces for two-mallet marimba solo and a comprehensive guide to two-mallet technique and performance practice. This extensive book is a product of my mission to rejuvenate the art form and bring high level two-mallet performance to the concert hall. It is also, in many ways, the culmination of my 12+ years of research associated with two-mallet performance.

"Two" features an extensive guide to technique and performance practice, 10 new concert pieces for two-mallet marimba solo, a CD recording of all compositions, and detailed TIPS for each piece with score examples and specific information on how to practice and perform virtually all major aspects of each piece!

The book is now widely available at retailers such a Bachovich Music Publications, Steve Weiss Music, The Percussion Source and Lone Star Percussion. OR, email me for a direct purchase and I'll ship for free!

Video Preview

Check out the "TWO Video Preview" below to take a look inside or download the PDF to the right for a glimpse of the book.