"Pocket Grooves" is bassoonist Jefferson Campbell's debut solo CD. The album compiles many of the works written specifically for him that are (as he states) "musically valid, challenging for the performer, and engaging for the audience." I have had the pleasure of writing four of these works for Jeff and definitive versions of these pieces appear here on this disc. Other wonderful works on this CD are:

"Four Onomatopoeias" by Graeme Shields
"Concertino for Bassoon and Electronics" by Jess Hendricks
"Sonata for Bassoon" by Steven Moellering
"A Steamboat Lullaby" by Bruce Grainger
"Bassoon Rawk" by Brad Bombardier
"Send in the Clows" arranged by Jefferson Campbell

MSR Classics (MS1701)

11) Joropo by Gene Koshinski

for bassoon and percussion
Jefferson Campbell, bassoon/Gene Koshinski, percussion